The Gumbo Flyers were formed way back when and were one of the first bands in Europe to embrace the infectious cajun and zydeco music of Louisiana.

Based in the UK, the band’s high energy stomps from the swamps have thrilled audiences at festivals and music venues across the continent, and their music has been embraced by radio stations back in Louisiana itself.

The Gumbo Flyers started life when Oscar Dupree encountered accordion player and blues harp maestro Pete Turner.

Oscar recalled: “Within a few weeks of moving to Cornwall, I found myself working with a rock band which failed to recognise the merits of Pete’s fledgling accordion playing, and it was obvious a new outfit had to be found that would show off his talent on the instrument, and the music of Louisiana seemed the obvious place to go.”

“Pete proved to be a tremendous front man and eventually we found a set of musicians who were as enthusiastic about the music as we were, and the band started really taking off.”

Twenty years on, the band has seen members come and go, but they are as popular as ever, and retain the enthusiasm and high standards which have been their hallmark from the outset.